Group biography

The Euterpe Quartet has been active since 2020 and in 2021 they were funded to create the project “Desvendando um Norte Erudito”, whose objective was to fill the gap of the lack of chamber music schedules in several areas of the north of Portugal, to bring music to disadvantaged places in terms of access to culture. This project consisted of six concerts and went through several houses and museums such as Casa de Esmeriz (Famalicão), Casa do Vinho (Valpaços), Museum of Contemporary Art Nadir Afonso (Chaves), Côa Museum (VN de Foz Côa), Museum do Douro (Peso da Régua and Pio XII Museum (Braga).

In addition to this own development project, the group performed on several occasions, such as at the festival “The classics go to the interior”, the celebration of museum day for the Vila Nova de Famalicão Museum Network and participation in the series “Sons for a summer day” in Santo Tirso and included in the Christmas program of the municipality of Braga: “Braga é Natal”. They even had the opportunity to perform at the Barlach Haus museum, included in the program of the International Mendelssohn Festival in Hamburg.

They had the privilege of working with Máté Szücs, Pavel Gomziakov, Claudio Bohorquez and the Auryn and Fine Arts quartets.

The Quartet’s objectives are the development and artistic improvement leading to the creation of musical moments of excellence, the appreciation of musical creation, the promotion of a quality culture, its affirmation in the Portuguese musical panorama, to foment cultural activity in the classified architectural heritage and to contribute for the affirmation of cultural eclecticism in Portugal.